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I purchased the EasyPlucker this summer to process meat kings and turkeys. My chickens were between 8 - 12lbs. At first I was just scalding them and dropping them in the plucker. To get them to bounce around, I had to flip them . Then I removed their head and feet before dropping them in. This did the trick. It worked perfectly after that. It says it can take up to a 20lb turkey and I can vouch for that. I processed 4 turkeys today. Three birds were 19 lbs and it handled them ok. The last one was 27 lbs. I tried it anyway to see how it would do. The bird just fit in the yardbird so I had to tumble it by hand a few times and then finished plucking by hand. It did manage to remove a lot of the feathers though. One other thing I figured out with the turkeys, was to manually remove the large tail and wing feathers before putting them in the yardbird. These feathers are just too big and don't purge from the machine. All in all I am 100% satisfied with the EasyPlucker. It really made the processing so much easier. Now to see how durable it is.