Best Portable Small Chicken Plucker Supplier

Small portable chicken plucker EasyOne

Best Portable HandHold Small Chicken Plucker Supplier

1. Natural and safe plucking: Our Chicken Plucker uses the cone head to rotate at a high speed to achieve plucking without damaging the surface of the chicken, which is very safe

2. Advanced design: Compared with traditional chicken plucker machines, our products are more portable and simple to use, which is very suitable for commercial or household use

3. Easy to operate: Just hold the Chicken Plucker machine and press the switch to pluck poultry, It only takes one minute to pluck a chicken’s feathers clean

4. WIDE application: The poultry plucker machine is great for plucking chickens, Bantam chickens, Turkey, guinea fowl, quail, and other similar sized birds including game birds after hunting. It is ideal for use in the farming industry or even in an poultry butchering business

5. Safety: The shell adopts a fully sealed design to achieve the best local waterproof performance, making it more reliable to use


Every Family Need One Small HandHold Chicken Plucker

So small design and can really help to plucking the short hair of Chicken, Duck and Goose, Birds et other poultry. If you are business on the poultry plucker machine, think this will make you business grow more in the future.

Details of Mini Portable Chicken Plucker Machine

mini chicken plucker Easy to use

Small Portable Chicken Plucker

The poultry plucker machine is great for plucking chickens, Small Size Design, Portable, Easy to Use, Main to use after plucking by normal chicken plucker.

Multifuction Wide Application Small Chicken Plucker

The poultry plucker machine is great for plucking chickens, Bantam chickens,Turkey, guinea fowl,quail,and other similar sized bird sincluding game birds afterhunting.It is ideal for use inthe farming industry or evenin an poultry butchering business.

multifuction mini chicken plucker

Main to Plucking Chicken Short Hair

This plucking machine is only suitable for plucking short hairs and small hairs of poultry. It is not suitable for plucking large
and long hairs. After removing long hairs, do not put the poultry in the water temporarily. It has a better effect of plucking
small hairs while hot. After plucking the whole body, wash the poultry with water. Some short hairs that don’t exposed or buried
deep, the machine may not be able to roll it out, just pull it out with the equipped clip. It cannot be used to pluck the hair on
the human body and other parts of the hair.

waterproof mini portable chicken plucker


1. The machine is not completely waterproof. It is forbidden to soak the whole machine in water, and it is forbidden to hold the machine into water.

2. When the machine working, the cone head is rolled up and short hairs accumulate a lot, turn off the switch before cleaning. When the motor is rotating, it is forbidden to touch the cone head with any part of the body.

3. During continuous work, the hand-held part will slightly heat up. This is the heat generated when the motor rotates, which is a normal phenomenon.

4. Handle with care, and protect the cone head to avoid deformation when it falls on the ground. Pull out the plug after the work is finished.



Hot water temperature for defeathering: chicken 80 degrees, duck 65 degrees, goose 70 degrees, old goose 80 degrees. If you don’t
have a thermometer, you can boil an appropriate amount of water and add a little cold water to blend it. The scalding time is
about one and a half minutes, rolling halfway, making sure that each part is soaked in hot water.

Easy to Use

Just hold the Chicken Plucker machineand press the switch to pluck poultry,Itonly takes one minute to pluck a chicken’sfeathers clean.

our Chicken Plucker uses the cone headto rotate at a high speed to achieve plucking without damaging the surface ofthe chicken, which is very safe

Instruction for Use

instruction for mini portable chicken plucker

Advance Design:

Compared with traditionalchicken plucker machines, ourproducts are more portable andsimple to use, which is verysuitable for commercial orhousehold use.


How to use:

1.Before use, please scald thefeathers of chickens, ducks, geeseand other poultry with hot water.

2.This machine is only suitable forthe feathers of chickens, ducks,and geese, and not suitable forother animals with very long hair.

Attention:   Do not touch the cone when workingThis machine is not all waterproof, so it is forbidden to soak the whole machine in water.

Please scald the feathers of chickens, ducks and geese with hot water before plucking them
After 25 minutes of continuous use, the product can be properly stopped for a few minutes to extend the life of the machine
This product is partially waterproof, please do not soak this product in water
When this product is in use, the motor will make a sound when rotating at high speed.

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why use small chicken plucker machine?

What is small chicken plucker ?

Back in the 1930's, a poultry plucker was an individual that used to be paid to get rid of feathers from a poultry. In contemporary times, a hen plucker is a mechanical device, that is automated or semi automated, whose single purpose is to remove plumes from a poultry, duck, turkey, quail or any other feathered bird that is being refined for its meat. The function of removing the feathers is to make it simpler for the refined bird to be utilized as meat. You do not want to consume a hen with it's plumes.

Who need to use small chiken plucker?

There are three typical types of mechanical hen pluckers. There are tub-style hen pluckers and also pierce connected chicken pluckers. now EasyPlucker launched new Mini Portable Chicken Plucker.

1. Roller Type Automated Chicken Plucker

A tub-style hen plucker is a mechanical hen plucker that is powered by a motor. It has a round bathtub where the butchered hens are placed, after scalding.

It includes rubber attachments, called fingers. Some tub-style hen pluckers give a means of attaching a water hose pipe. The water is used to wash down papas as they are tweezed from the poultry bodies.

2. Electric Drill Head Hair Chicken Plucker

A drill attached hen plucker as the name recommends is a plucker accessory that is powered by a drill. It is attached to a drill and also runs over a chicken’s body throughout tweezing. As the drill rotates, it rotates against the chicken’s body, tweezing the feathers.

3. Handheld Mini Hair Chicken Plucker Machine

Handheld design, Mini Size, Easy to take to Plucking chicken, duck, goose etc, EasyPlucker’s Plucker Supply the new plucker to help to cut the small short plucker easily.

Benefits of Using a Small Handhold Chicken Plucker

1. Minimize Handling Time.

Mechanical hen pluckers lower the moment required to process chicken. It is estimated that tub style pluckers take around 30 secs to tweeze one hen. This is rather rapid. When plucking poultries by hand, you can take in between 5 minutes to half an hour per bird, depending on your ability level. Specialists estimate that usage if mechanical poultry plucker cut the entire handling time by 50%.

2. Leaves a cleaner tweeze as contrasted to hand plucking.

If the chickens are well scalded, mechanical hen pluckers will tweeze all the feathers from the poultry. It is hard to obtain all feathers off a poultry by hand.

3. Makes it possible to process many birds at once.

With mechanical chicken pluckers, it is feasible to refine numerous birds in a solitary day, because the time and power used for tweezing is much less contrasted to hand plucking.

What kind Poultry can use to plucking with the mini size hand hold plucker?

Chicken pluckers function by utilizing gentle mechanical rubbing versus the chicken’s body in order to eliminate plumes.

This mild action is made possible by the extending pointed rubber attachments called rubber fingers. These are the ones that are in straight contact with the chicken’s body throughout turning.

The turning is taken care of by a mortar for tub-style chicken pluckers as well as a drill for drill-attached chicken pluckers. Water jets are sprayed into the bathtub throughout the plucking process in order to wash down feathers from the chicken’s body.

At the end of the plucker, you must have clean plucked poultries without swellings on their skin.

How is the Small HandHold Chicken Plucker Work ?

1. Tub

The tub for a chicken plucker is a cylindrical round container made of stainless-steel or aluminum. On the inside, it has holes, where you can attach the rubber chicken fingers. When the plume plate turns, the chicken is sprayed the bathtub bringing it into contact with the rubber fingers.

2. Feather Plate for Chicken Plucker

The feather plate for a poultry plucker rests at the bottom of the bathtub. It rotates once the electric motor is powered up. Rubber fingers are connected to the plume plate, to help in the plucking procedure as the feather plate turns.

3. Feather Pan

The feather is a tiny cylindrical container that rests below the plume plate. Its work is to collect plumes from the poultry plucker bathtub, as they are gotten rid of by the water coming from the watering ring or portable watering hose pipe.

4. Plume Chute

The objective of the feather chute is to empty the plumes from the feather pan.

5. Electric motor

The motor for an automated hen plucker is accountable for the turning of the feather plate. Motors for chicken pluckers run at a suggested rotational rate of 150rpm to 300rpm. The electric motor goes for 1.5 HP.

6. Rubber Plucker Fingers

Rubber fingers are rubber accessories that come into contact with the body of the hens, as the electric motor rotates. They are attached to the plume plate as well as the inner wall surfaces of the bathtub.

Rubber fingers for automated chicken pluckers generally wear out with usage. They need to be evaluated for wear and tear as well as replaced as necessary.

7. Irrigation Ring

Some automated chicken pluckers, such as the yardbird chicken plucker featured a watering ring. This is a pipe, with openings that remain on the inner top of the bathtub.

The job of the irrigation ring is to spray down water right into the bathtub, removing tweezed feathers right into the plume bar. The water departures the bathtub via the plume chute.

The benefit of having a plucker that has a plume chute that it leaves your hands totally free to do other tasks as the tub revolves. If your bathtub does not have an irrigation ring, you will require to involve one hand in holding a water hose, spraying water right into the tub.

How Much Does the Small Poultry Plucker Cost ?

If you are seeking to begin increasing your own backyard chickens with the objective of having actually residence grown poultry meat for your household, you may be thinking about where to get a Chicken plucker to do the job.

When you are seeking to get a chicken plucker, you should recognize what to search for. You shouldn’t just go out as well as buy the first chicken plucker you see. You require to investigate your choices before you acquire.

It made use of to be that you could only buy a Chicken plucker in the town hardware store. (If you were lucky, it would certainly be near the lawnmower repair service kits.) These days, you can buy one online from a range of resources.

Some individuals prefer to acquire a chicken plucker at a local farmer’s market or a small hardware shop. This is because they can see what they are purchasing and have it evaluated before they take it home. Other people prefer to acquire poultry pluckers from online shops like Amazon, Tractor Supply, Rural King or the producers on-line shops. For some on-line stores like Rural King, you can purchase online as well as get the product at your local country king store.

A quick look for “chicken plucker” will certainly bring you to a number of on the internet shops that bring poultry pluckers, as well as a number of video tutorials on exactly how to construct your own.

Changing chicken plucker fingers
Once in a while, Chicken plucker fingers will certainly require to be changed. This is since they weaken with use and time.

When changing Chicken plucker fingers, see to it you obtain ones that will certainly work with your poultry plucker.

There are likewise various dimensions as well as even different sort of fingers, some of which are much better than others. Poultry plucker fingers, for instance, are designed more for bigger birds, while the smaller sized ones are much better for, you thought it, smaller sized birds.

The most effective option will be obtaining Chicken plucker rubber fingers from the supplier of your Chicken plucker. In some cases it is not feasible to get poultry pluckers specific to your brand. As an example, if you have you have built your very own automated poultry plucker, you will certainly have to purchase generic chicken plucker rubber fingers available online.


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