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FAQs About Chicken Plucker Machine

EasyPlunker has been wholesaling Chicken Machine over 10 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

What are the drum dimensions? Will this handle something as large as a duck, goose or turkey?

The tub is 20″ in diameter. I have plucked a large duck which I would consider the size of a wild goose. I also attempted a wild turkey. My findings are as follows. Waterfowl such as geese and ducks have LOTS of oil on their feathers. Therefore the oil needs to be cut with dish soap or some kind of detergent. As you process more and more birds the oil will build up in your plucking operation. Therefore soap may need to be added several times. Geese and ducks seem to hold their feathers especially on their chest and groin area. So, when scalding a goose or duck you will need to test the feathers in the areas that hold the feathers the tightest. Keep in mind that waterfowl floats like a cork in water so you need to push the birds under the water with a stick. Geese and ducks can be done but they are not as straight forward as chickens. I’ve plucked one wild turkey and it was a monster at over 12 lbs. Eventually the feathers came off but we needed to make several attempts. Usually you shoot a turkey with bird shot or a bow. Unless you hit the bird in the head there will be tears in the skin. The plucker will want to continue to tear the skin so keep that in mind. Long legs and long wings are the biggest obstacle of all of the birds mentioned. Chicken are round and roll easily. Geese, Ducks, and Turkeys have long appendages. So, when plucking these birds you will need to cut off the wings and legs as close to the meat as possible before plucking. The way that I view this plucker is that it is excellent for chickens and anything else that I can squeeze though it is just bonus.

What's the biggest size bird this can handle?

Biggest size we have done is a duck! but it’s bettter not use to plucking duck over 10kg every time.

I am having trouble turning mine on. Can anyone help, reset button doesn’t seem to be working.

Unscrew the other half of the switch from the drum. I believe the white plastic piece (which you can discard) is just for storage until you assemble the magnetic switch together and bolt on. Test the switch before you bolt on to the stand below. When the magnets touch it will complete the circuit for the switch to turn on.

Do you sell the rubber fingers separately?

Yes we do. Please check as follow link.

will it do a 40+ lb turkey?

I don’t think a 40+ lb turkey would fit in this model. It’s better to choose 50+ There is a larger model for turkeys and large fowl. I can put 2 chickens in this one, but no more than that.

Does it work with ducks?

I understand that ducks should be processed at 7 wks to avoid pin feathers. Which these pluckers will not remove. And we advice use our new EASY1, Portable Small feather plucker.

Do you have to scold the chicken first or can it still work unscolded?

Yes, you must scold any bird before processing. Soaking in hot water, about 150 degrees F for 30 seconds (anything hotter will melt the fat and may cause skin tears) loosens the feathers so they come out easier. We soak in 150F water for 30 seconds and then sraight into ice water bath for 30 seconds in order to stop the cooking process. We may still have to pull a few feathers but not many and may have a slin tear once in awhile, but we don’t sell our birds so they don’t have to be pretty. This machine saves you tons of time if you are processing a lot at once. Well worth the purchase.

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